#050 — And That's How It's Done
No 50. It's been a long time coming. Cheers to me, I guess.

Cheers to @sethi.san, for the treasure trove that your FB wall is.
Cheers to @gorabda, for another memorable performance as the loser. By Jove, you have perfected it.
-- 16042011

PG Explained 1.0.050: This comic takes two small jokes, and blends them together for a greater effect. The first joke is the punchline itself, wherein I have transferred my inability to move on from the choice of web browsers to the loser in panel 1. (Soemtimes, I feel I am married to MSIE6. Yes, I too am a loser.] The 2nd joke, is the more local one, wherein the celebrity status of the winner in panel 3 is being exploited. The greater effect of this blending is the tangential commentary on the fact, that how everything the celebrity says becomes a hit. The irony here is, that the punchline is exactly the kind of thing the celebrity might put on his wall and woo a thousand bees, but for me, alas I had to explain this comic to the guest star feaured in here. So, in the interest of public safety, I exlained it to for everyone. Thank you for making me feel so useless on my 50th strip. Jao mujhe kisi se baat nahi karni.

And for making me write this whole thing up, F*** the World, You have just lost THE GAME.